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Buy Perpetual Licence from the editor while subscribing

After subscribing to a plugin (always testing first), I fear of losing my setup if I unscuscribe before buying a perpetual licence.

@Bubble could you enable direct purchase from the editor ?


For what I know, there’s no problem. You can just unsubscribe and subscribe it after. Where you have put the plugin should be linked back to the plugin after the new subscription.

yes but this is not straightforward. I had to make a search on the forum to be sure.

Yes I agree. And approve the idea too :wink:

Did this ever get resolved? I am looking to upgrade a number of subscription plugins to perpetual and its nuts that we would have to go through the additional pain of unsubscribing first.

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I think bubble is very rough around the edges in terms of community content. The plugin market is a bit lack luster. Not due to the amount of content but the way the content is displayed and sold. The same goes with the template market. There’s a lot of crap and seems to be no moderation. Considering I believe you have to apply to have your template added, it really seems like they just hit the green button on a lot. I hope they take some time to improve the community driven side of things.

Yeah Bubble is a little rough around the edges when it comes to these things. Im sure they will fix them in time.
Do this:

  1. Don’t uninstall the plugin.
  2. Unsubscribe from the settings
  3. Go back to plugins (Don’t click resubscribe)
  4. Search for the same plugin
  5. Click “Buy” instead of resubscribe

Works perfectly, thanks…

FYI may need to refresh the page to get the BUY option