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Buy and sell Bubble apps

It is difficult to sell a Bubble built website on a generic marketplace such as Flippa. This inspired me to build a marketplace for Bubble projects.

This is for all of the Bubble projects that are in need of a new owner. Don’t let a project sit unused when it could be prospering. Perhaps there is someone interested in buying it. Simply list your app and receive $$ offers from potential buyers.

If you’re a buyer, join the email list to be notified when new projects are posted. Get a head start on building a business by acquiring one of the great ideas built on Bubble.

To get started, check out the new Stakk here:

Let me know if you have questions or feedback.


Very interesting concept. :smiley:

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I’m excited to see how you’ve continued to grow and develop Stakk!

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Thanks @dan1, already multiple offers coming in for some of the projects listed. I’m going to spend some time focusing on this new concept for Stakk, and then I have some other ideas I will add to the site.


What’s the status of this project?