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Calculate individual tax amount on invoice


I’m encountering an issue in my app when performing calculations. I’ll try my best to explain the exact problem here below:

I’m creating an invoicing program, where my customers can create invoices. Important is that each invoice line item can have a separate VAT amount being (0%, 6%, 12% or 21%). At the end of the invoice, I need the total of the separate VAT amounts being:
*Total of all amounts subject to 0%
*Total of all amounts subject to 6%
*Total of all amounts subject to 12%
*Total of all amounts subject to 21%

I get it to work when all VAT amounts are added as 1 VAT amount, however, I need it separate per VAT%, since that’s the legal requirement. Can anyone help me out/point out how best to tackle this?

Hoping the magic of this bubble forum can help me out! Thanks! :pray:

Kind regards,

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