Calculate Item X'Price:sum - Item X'Cost:sum to get margin

I have QuoteItems created, linked to Quote.

I have some text with dynamic Data presenting total Price and total Cost. This works fine. So far. So good.
Example: Current Page Quote’s QuoteItems’s ProductPrice:sum
Above works. No worries.

Then I want a third text: Current Page Quote’s QuoteItems’s ProductPrice:sum - Current Page Quote’s QuoteItems’s ProductCost:sum to present the margin for the sales rep. I don’t seem to be able to add the “-”?

Any ideas?

Use “converted to number”

I don’t quite follow. Can you explain further? Thanks in advance!

Hey @mikke1, any advance in this case? I am also trying to do a summary as you described here.

I am looking for building something similar. Did you finish the Project?