Sum each item in a list to a list of things

Hi, I have two things:

  • Quote
    Quote_id (text)

  • Quote_Item
    quote_id (Quote)
    total (number)

In a repeating group I have successfully displayed the sum of all quote_Item’s total for a given quote_id: This returns a single number and is repeated via the repeating group.

I would like to now recreate the repeating group within PDF Conjure and thus have to return a list. I have successfully done all the other columns but I’m stuck with the Quote_Item sum for a given Quote. Here is my attempt which also returns a single number and not a list:

So the issue I’m facing is how to sum the Quote_Item’s for a given Quote inside a list and then return the list of the sum’d values.

Not sure if I get it, but maybe give “group by” & "aggregate"a try!

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