Calculate user account balance based on a transaction


I need to find a way to calculate a balance based on a transaction amount.

I have a datatype named, e.g user_transactions. This type has a field named transaction_amount and account_balance, respectively.

Assume the value of transaction_amount is 10, and the initial account_balance is 100.
What I need here is the account_balance value to be adjusted depending on the transaction_amount.

What I did so far, without success


I have searched pretty far down into the forum and the wiki, as well in the plugins, but I haven’t found anything that could help me, and I’m sure the issue I’m having is a pretty basic one.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you explain what is not working?
Put some example?

Details on my main issue

I needed a way to deduct the price of an action a user makes to his account balance.
I succeeded by making a simple workflow that uses the value of transaction_amount (which stands for the price) and deducts it from the value of account_balance (which stands for the Current user account balance).
Luckily, I managed to solve that issue by doing what I just said


Though, I am facing another issue right now, which is to verify that account_balance value.

Let me explain:
Assume the user has an account_balance of 100. This user pays an action with a transaction_amount value of 100. Logically, his account_balance falls off to 0.

My issue is that if the user tries to pay an action with a transaction_amount value of 30, but his account_balance is at 0, it will continue to fall off into the negatives.
What I need is to verify that account_balance when the user tries to pay, so in the case the balance is 0 or under the value of transaction_amount, it will refuse the action.

Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need more details.

Do this verification during your workflow. It is not a big deal.

Create a custom state called “result”.
Create a workflow to run when the user click to purchase an item.

In this workflow’s first step, set “result” as the result of account_balance - transaction_amount

In the second step call the main event (the one you use to process the purchase) only if result >= 0

And in the third and last step, display a pop up alerting the user about his balance if result < 0. Something like “Ops, insufficient funds to process this transaction”.

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