Issues making changes to a user using an input value

I’m trying to make it so if a user clicks “Cancel Transaction” it sends the transaction amount back to the “rec_email user” (which it does a ‘Do search for’ function, works perfectly).
However, I’m now adding a “Make changes to user” function, with it being “Current Transaction’s amount + This user’s balance” (which’ll allow it to add funds onto the original user’s balance). However, it’s asking for more input. Is there a way round this? SS attached.image


Are you sure it would be “current page”. Also if you can provide more screen shots, or open up your editor we can help. It’s showing you that you have incompatible items or not enough. If you hover over each part of that expression, it will tell you what it resolves to. That is always the best way to troubleshoot the issues.

Thus, you can’t get around it because it’s simply not a proper expression. But give us more info and we will help!

Hi Troy, thanks for your response.

The ‘current page’ is the view_transaction section which is sent data from a ‘dashboard’ page.
There’s a butto on that view_transaction page that says ‘Cancel Transaction’ - When the user presses this button, it executes a load of commands and one of them is to make changes to the original user.
The original user is searched via the transaction’s “reciever email” entry, which is then found. It then attempts to restore the amount to that user’s balance. - but it won’t as it’s asking for more input in the current page transactions amount.


I think you will need to confirm what amount resolves to. Is it a list, or text? It doesn’t look like a number.

It’s a ‘text’ value.

So then what is balance? It looks like you are trying to add a number to a text, which doesn’t work. Is that your issue?

If not, please look into what each item resolves to, because that is your issue.

Sorry, my bad. The ‘balance’ field is a NUMBER field.

Alright after having a play around.
I can see that the ‘BALANCE’ field was a NUMBER type.
However, the ‘AMOUNT’ field was a TEXT type, which wouldn’t allow for this to work.
I changed the AMOUNT field to NUMBER type and it worked.

Thanks for your contribution.