Calculating tax when charging user with a saved Credit Card

Hi all -

I’m trying to create a workflow to charge a user using a saved credit card, but when I do that, I can’t seem to add tax (we’re doing this through Stripe).

We have vendors all over the country, so we don’t have one standard tax rate. Is there a way to add tax when using a saved credit card?

Additionally, someone else set up the initial workflow that allowed an option to add tax when charging with the default credit card, but that doesn’t seem to be working either.

Any help or an example workflow would be super appreciated! This is what is currently set up for the tax rate when charging the user with the default credit card. I believe it’s supposed to call to Stripe to find that seller’s tax rate based on location?

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 2.50.14 PM

Hello samie,

Are you using the Bubble built Stripe plugin? If so, are you using the V3 option? I recommend using V3 as you’ll have the option to add a single tax rate or a list of tax rates to a user’s invoices. You can read more about V3 and how it handles tax rates in our Stripe plugin documentation.

Hello! I am using the Bubble-built stripe plug-in with V3. This is what I’m seeing on my end when trying to charge the user using a saved CC. I see the tax option if I am just using the “Charge the current user” action, but not if using this one:

Do you mind reaching out to us directly at [email protected]? This way we can look into this behavior more in depth and escalate this upward if need be!

Yes! Thank you!

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