Charging Tax When Using Stripe Connect

Hi all,

Having a lot of problems with charging taxes separately with the Bubble Stripe plugin.

I can check the Charge Tax box when using a normal payment and add what I need to charge, however when using the Connect system i.e the payee of this transaction is another user, the tax box is no longer there.

@eve is this due to Connect limitations?

The app fee is entirely separate of course :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your help

You can not charge tax with this call. Your price should be the total including tax.

Read more here.,that%20they%20should%20be%20charged.


Gotcha I feared that was the case - thanks for confirming!

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It doesn’t matter for your clients as long as you send them an invoice with the tax on it.

Good luck!

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OK Great thank you!

Hi !

I am having the same problem… I use Stripe Connect with custom account.
All my action and workflows are through de API (not using Stripe plugin).

I am looking to send a receipt with taxes in it after the payment occurs.

Or sending invoices when payment is complete as well. Billing doesn’t seem to allow it.

Did you manage to do it ?

Thanks a lot

No didn’t manage to do it as a separate line item. I ended up doing what @nocodeventure suggested and just adding it to the total, then in the platforms’ analytics removing it from the total (having captured the tax charged via a data field).

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Hi! I’m currently working on this now as well and wanted to clarify how to set this up.

So I create a data field in bubble called ‘tax charged’ & use a dynamic expression to add the tax amount to the total based on where the buyer is located? I plan on operating my app nationwide and the tax requirements will be different depending on the province (I’m in Canada).

@nocodeventure mentioned sending the clients an invoice with tax on it, I’m assuming this has to happen with every transaction. Will the invoice be automatically generated and accessible through the seller’s personal stripe account? Sorry I’m new to this!


Stripe now has automated tax calculations.

Is it through Stripe Tax? Stripe Tax doesn’t seem to be available for Canada at the moment, only the US and Europe.