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Charging Tax When Using Stripe Connect

Hi all,

Having a lot of problems with charging taxes separately with the Bubble Stripe plugin.

I can check the Charge Tax box when using a normal payment and add what I need to charge, however when using the Connect system i.e the payee of this transaction is another user, the tax box is no longer there.

@eve is this due to Connect limitations?

The app fee is entirely separate of course :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your help

You can not charge tax with this call. Your price should be the total including tax.

Read more here.,that%20they%20should%20be%20charged.


Gotcha I feared that was the case - thanks for confirming!

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It doesn’t matter for your clients as long as you send them an invoice with the tax on it.

Good luck!

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OK Great thank you!

Hi !

I am having the same problem… I use Stripe Connect with custom account.
All my action and workflows are through de API (not using Stripe plugin).

I am looking to send a receipt with taxes in it after the payment occurs.

Or sending invoices when payment is complete as well. Billing doesn’t seem to allow it.

Did you manage to do it ?

Thanks a lot

No didn’t manage to do it as a separate line item. I ended up doing what @nocodeventure suggested and just adding it to the total, then in the platforms’ analytics removing it from the total (having captured the tax charged via a data field).

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