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Calculating without brackets

I cant find any workaround to do just a bit more advanced calculations i Bubble.

when calculating this example in an input


it looks like the bubble calculates it like this

(a-b) cd

please Bubble, help!

Is there any other workaround to do more math tan this u provide ? I searched Blockspring for any API-s but i cant find any right now…

We all just need brackets!

How should we do economics without those basic math operations?

Have you looked into Math.js?

Where can i find that plug in?

I don’t think it’s a plugin, I think it’s an API or HTML element you would use. I’d do a forum search for math.js and see what you find, I know others are using it. Good luck!

Have you tried breaking up the computation into separate hidden text boxes? Then you can force the order of precedence you want. ie one box holds “a” another computes “bcd” then in your input you compute “a - the product of bcd”.

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oh yes, I tried, and it solves something, but when it comes to repeating group and then accessing that input in an repeating group wont be possible… so still need math not workarounds…

And I see much about math.js on the forum but I cant figure out how to install or add that or configure it on my app in bubble… any ideas folks?

There is a decent example of using the API for math.js here: