Calculation funtionality

Hi there!

In my CO2 calculator for hotels I need a new functionality that I don’t know how to develop.

There are materials that are purchased only once and last for several years. Therefore, every year a percentage has to be amortized until it reaches 0. For example, if a chair emits 100 kg CO2 and each year it loses 10%, the second year it will have a CO2 equivalence of 90kg CO2.

The problem is that I don’t know how the system calculates the emission in case there is a depreciation and a new item is added. That is, if we have a chair that emits 100 kg and in the second we buy another chair (so 2 chairs in the hotel in total), the total emission would not be 90 kg, but 190.

Would anyone know how to do it?

Thanks !

Question isn’t clear but youd have a different dataset for every item and calculate the amortization of each item separately and the total emission is the emission per dataset and you sum all the totals.

Hi @code-escapee !

Thanks for the answer. I already have that. What I don’t know how to make bubble calculate the amortization (i.e. CO2 emissions - 10%) + (CO2 emissions) if the figure I enter is higher than the one entered the previous year.