Calculation in a tet field

I would like a text to report a dynamic content formed by dividing the count of two data types, is it possible?

Try writing one expression at a time within the text element.

Example: Tasks count: “search for tasks:count” Projects count: “search for projects:count”

Yes, just make sure it is referencing the database or a number in an input field, not another text element.

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I can find the count of data types, but I don’t know how to do the division calculation

Since it evaluates to a number just continue on building the expression to end with a number.

This evaluates to a number > Example: Tasks count: “search for tasks:count”

So … to divide it, continue on like this > “search for tasks:count/4”

I used 4 as an example … The 4 here will be hardcoded. If you want you can replace it with a dynamic value (ex. … a thing’s field type number)

If I insert the slash the result is not a calculation but the string with the slash

If I use the formula with the slash the result is not the division (I don’t know what this result is)

Please take a look at this:

I dont know why do you want to divide a count of projects by itself … but this is the way it would work if you want that (… mmh perhaps the second search has some constraints that make it a different number … got it!)

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