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Calculations too slow for creating a thing with the output

I need to calculate weights: Gross, Tare and Net. I always have 2 values, the third needs to be calculated. Then the input should also be converted from KG into LBS.

I got it to work but then when I want to save the output, nothing gets saved unless I set the debugger on Slow or Step by Step.

Is this a bug? Should I put a step in between? I can always add a second ‘save’ button (or change based on a state), but I want to just have it done with one click.

I recreated the issue:



The workflow actions set values in a group. This indirectly causes the inputs in the group to receive the values, after some delay that could be different each time. The final workflow action then gets values from inputs in the group to put in the database, without waiting for the values to be there.

The best solution would be to use the calculated values from the previous step, instead of reading them back from a round-trip through the UI, possibly either recalculate them or store in a custom state.

Alternatively it could wait for the value to be in the UI with a workflow event When value is not empty, which relies on it being empty previously.

Thanks. I assumed the workflow steps are sequential, but I understand the next step does not wait or check for the previous to have fully finished.

In this case I’ll solve it by either use a ‘double tap’ button or your final suggestion. thanks

The workflow steps are sequential, but the process of an input updating its value from a group is asynchronous with the workflow, i.e. not sequential.

I’m glad you have options to go forward.


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