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Calculating an Input field derived from other inputs

Hi Folks

Can anybody point me in the right direction. I am struggling with finding a way to auto-calculate the ‘Total Cost of Goods Sold’ in the input field, based on the user inputs above.

The formula is

Total Cost of Goods Sold = Opening Stock + Purchases - Closing Stock

The problem is that Input field couldn’t have workflow. Any ideas @emmanuel?

Sorry I am just starting out with bubble and it maybe something very simple which I am not aware of.

I found that I can input the formula in the initial content, however, that is not saved in the database. Here is the screenshot

Thanks in Advance.


Maybe a easier way to do this, rather than having an input that you disable, would be to output to a text field.

You can then either set the data field to that, or just do the calculation directly when you create the thing in your workflow.

Either should work. It is odd that it isn’t working for you. How are you saving this ?