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Calendar / Date Functions

Would anybody else benefit from dynamic date options such as:

-In One Week

Still struggling to use “current date/time” as that’s not a true “Today” option


Not sure of the use case but you can describe all those with functions. What exactly are you trying to do?

Something like this

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions. You can use three different text boxes to get the formatting more precisely. All I did was the “+days” date modification and the “formatted as” and “custom” formats. You can format the day/time however you want.


My use case would be a dynamic report along the lines of: “Widgets Created Yesterday: 5”

Hope this can help.


It seems when I do this, it’s looking for both the date and time to match, not just the date. If I try to change the format to just mm/dd/yyyy it considers that a text field and no longer a date field and throws errors. My only work around is to create separate month date and year fields and use the extraction function, but it’s a major time and resource drain.

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This list now only displays Fruit made in the last 24 hours. Is this getting closer to what you need? I think there may be a way to do it with date intervals as well, but I have no experience with those.

You could then add the search results into a list, and count the items in the list to get the number you are shooting for.

Thanks… That will indeed give a 24 hour window, but I’m looking for just actual calendar date. My workaround now:

When a record is created:

And then to get a count of say records made today only:

It’d be a lot easier of date formated as mm/dd/yyyy could be used as a date field and not text and we could search for relative days or months in the past or future rather than 24 hour windows.

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Agree. For non-coders to use date functionality in a conditional way is very challenging. Some low-code platforms use your above suggestion. As an example Podio which some advanced users consider it as a low-code platform.