Calendar Days of Week Header Shifted, Showing Wrong Day for the Dates Below it

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This is definitely a bug. We’ve received a ton of emails from users about their calendar showing the wrong day of the week. For ours, the calendar should start on Sunday, but the first day in the row is Saturday, making all the dates below each day of the week incorrect and costing us time fielding user emails about this bug.

This is another reason why changes should never be applied to live apps, which we’ve been discussing at What is Bubble's policy on pushing changes?. It’s obvious that not enough QC is happening when changes are made to live apps, and two recent changes Bubble made to live apps broke major features for our app, which is not OK and doesn’t give confidence that Bubble is a reliable long-term platform for apps.

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Anyone expecting every improvement to become a new release should consider moving to their own custom software.

I certainly do not want everything to become a new release.

And yes, there will always be bugs from changes to the code whether or not it’s a new release. Everything has bugs. Even Apple and Google push bugs every day.

Bubble never agreed and should never agree to make every change a new release. Those that want that can sign up for a dedicated server. Those that cant afford it should not attack bubble who is busy helping millions of people.

Yes, bugs will always affect a percentage of users.

I am really sorry that in this case you were one of those users that got impacted. It sucks. I’ve experienced this first hand on bubble and custom software. And I’ve accepted that this is how software works. Been doing this for a decade.

However, if this bug was the result of some major change that was pushed live even though there was an expectation that many would be impacted, then getting upset that bubble did not live up to their promise is justified.

As far as I can tell, I haven’t seem evidence that this was the case here.

I’m only ranting because too often people are just complaining simply because they have unrealistic expectations.

Again, in this specific case, I dont know the details. But I felt I just needed to speak up so every should take a moment to truly consider the situation before we create a long thread of bashing bubble.

While the calendar issue is a smaller one, for sure, a recent change to how Repeating Groups estimate how many cells to load before scrolling completely broke our most important paid feature for 2 days, and it was released without the chance to test.

I absolutely love Bubble, and I honestly think it’s the most powerful tool out there for building applications outside of custom development. As someone who would love to use Bubble indefinitely, though, not just as an MVP builder, I think topics and discussions like this are important, even if they come off as critical. My intention is not to attack Bubble but to simply have discussion and post about what I believe is important, considering the future of the platform and the businesses built on it.

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The thing I love most about bubble is that they have no problem admitting they made a mistake and they are always open to hearing and learning.

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