Non-US English Date Format

This is technically not a bug, as it’s a feature (the ability to set a specific date format on the control itself) which was removed and replaced by the language specific date format, but as a result it’s no longer possible to use non-US English format dates.

This is something which makes Bubble completely unworkable for any English developer/user outside of the United States who wants to use date/time controls.

I keep seeing all of these fantastic new features in the weekly update email, and would love to be using Bubble, but despite posting on here several months ago, this has still not been addressed, and the software is useless to me. I suspect many others will be in the same situation.

Surely this warrants the relatively small amount of effort required to fix it, namely to add an “English - UK” language option cloned from the current “English” one, with just the date format changed? You’re missing out on a potentially large market as long as this issue persists.

Please reach out to for stuff like this. Posting this (and same for a few months ago) isn’t very easy for us to track.


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Does this was solved?

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