Issue with Full Calendar Plugin

Why does the Full Calendar plugin assume the wrong day of the week? Today is the 21st, a Friday. But this seems to think that it’s Thursday? Everything seems to be set up fine.

Which full calendar Plugin is that? Is it the native Bubble Calendar Plugin?

I believe so, it’s under Bubble-made plugins.

Same thing here! The whole year moved 1 day!!! Any answer solution to this?

Same. @eve please give it a look.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

Hi @emmanuel could you please help us giving this a look, I have 3 apps, 2 of them heavily dependent on scheduling. The month view calendar has the day labels shifted and the week view labels are broken. I know its not critical but one of my customers is going nuts over this. He just can’t believe or understand how this can happen no matter how much I explain bugs DO happen. Thanks in advance!

Month View: (May 1st is a Saturday)

Week view:

thank goodness I’m not the only one :grinning:

Someone has already reported the bug?

To not report the same bug twice

I already reported it, apparently they are looking into it, they should revert any updates immediately while they find a fix

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I can’t believe this hasn’t been solved yet…


Same issue here, weirdly enough when my app language is English it works just fine. Is this issue fixed for any of you guys?