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Calendar events for individual users

Hi, brand new to bubble and nocoding in general (and never coded anything). I’ve made what I think is a simple starter app. It is a calendar to see when deals are ending (e.g. mortgage/mobile contract/pet insurance deal/etc). All I’ve built is (1) sign-up page (2) login page (3) deal info page and (4) calendar page. The calendar is the full calendar plugin from bubble. My problem is that at the moment anyone that logs in sees all the deals that have been entered, when what I want is to just display deals for the individual user logged in. E.g. I’ll sign up with one email, input a deal and it will appear in the calendar. However, if I sign out and sign-up using a new email, when I log in I see the deal entered by the other user when I should see a blank calendar ready for that user’s deals. Any help would be great. Thanks

Sounds like you need to constrain your query by the user.

Hi jared.gibb, thanks for the reply. I wondered if it may be something that simple. I tried doing that on the calendar, but it comes up with a red box after User, and wants me to put in more info. See the screen shot. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi there, @ben.golland… the expression needs more info because User by itself is not a valid constraint. Given what you are trying to do, User = Current User should do the trick, so give that a shot and see if you get the desired result.


Hi @mikeloc, I added the constraint as suggested (see screen shot), but now I don’t see any deals populating the calendar… not sure what I’ve done wrong here. I noticed that even though I’ve added User as a data field for the Deals, it doesn’t seem to populate in the database. Any idea why that would be? Could that be what’s wrong?

That’s my bad… the constraint should be Created by = Current User. It would work with User = Current User if you were putting a value in the User field when a deal is created (i.e., you would have to put a value in that field via a workflow step… it won’t populate with the current user on its own). Unless you need the User field for some other reason, it’s not necessary to have that field because you can get the things that are specific to a particular user by using Created by.

Worked! Thanks so much @mikeloc! This makes a lot of sense. Gonna have a play around with some other features now… Thanks again.

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