Quick Calendar question (easy)

Hi all -

I’m working on a calendar. Here’s what I’d like to do:

I want the calendar to…

  • Show events that I create to all users, as the “owner” (like a template calendar)
  • Be editable by users displaying only their own personal modifications (so they can modify the calendar template to their liking)

When I add the constraint “Created by = Current User,” it allows the user to see his own personal calendar…but I’m not sure how to configure the data to allow myself (as the owner) the ability to create events that all users see and can modify.

Any ideas?

Hope this makes sense - thanks for the help.


You can achieve all this with the full calendar plugin from @Bubble :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Have you ever used :merged with on your searches?

You go

Do a search for something with one constraint
: merged with
Do a search for something with a different constraint

Same kind of somethings will then merge into one list

Events created by me
Events created and marked as super events everyone can see

So a field “for everyone” on your event that only you can set, and you’re good to go

That’s the plug-in I’m using :slight_smile: Just need to figure out how to configure the data.

If you have a quick hack, please let me know!

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This is interesting! Will give this a try as well. Thanks!

Just search for tutorials in YouTube, there are videos with a detailed explanation