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Calendar Grid Pro: Calendar Generator, Date Picker, Date Range Picker Like Airbnb, | Now at Version 1.6.1 - Fixes a Safari Compatibility Issue, minor bugfix

Forgot to say: this looks so good, @dudders9! Really nice implementation!

I notice that you have it set up so that “not in month” days are invisible. Did you just make those auto-dim 0% or something?

(Note I’d been thinking of having an option for not include, but that might break some future ideas I have…)

Also, as you know I just added customizable colors for the Day of Week blocks, but do you also want a list of “indicators” to do different color for holidays, etc.?

It’s so interesting to see the different use cases.


I would like to have the option to not include the days of the months before and after the current month in the calendar. I think it cleans up the look a bit more. I know one can set a color to the not in month but they still can be hovered.

Any update on the select time thing? I would love to get my hands on that functionality.


Hi Kris,

Thanks for writing! Being able to exclude “out of month” dates is a roadmap item (but this is not actually easy to implement, as it requires some extra voodoo to keep the animated select features, etc, working). I can’t commit to an ETA on that, but it’s been requested more than once…

The Time Grid companion is a little stalled as a Bubble plug-in editor bug got in my way (long story, but @Bubble will not add the feature I need to continue on that in an expedient fashion, so that’s probably several weeks away and may not be available in the Calendar Grid Pro plugin itself, but may have to be its own separate thing — this is stupid, of course, but I’ve no control over it — file under “this is why we can’t have nice things”).

Thanks, @keith. I will follow your updates and cross my fingers :slight_smile:


BTW, I will be pushing some small updates to CG Pro soon. I’m not sure if this is in the currently published commercial button, but in my private dev version I did somewhere break “Jump To Date” and recently fixed it back to proper behavior. (It was doing the same thing as Jump To Today… I’m hoping this bug isn’t actually in the commercial version, but if so the update will squash it and may add a couple of new lil features.)

Hi Keith
The plugin is really awesome. Just want to know how to integrate this with ical events (just so that can block / receive events) from vacation rental sites like Airbnb etc
That would make this a complete solution:)

Hi @keith

Does your plugin enable to display events in strips covering a single or multiple days like the Full Calendar?

Hey @kunalsingh2705: First, thanks for your kind comments on CG Pro!

Second: Well, I built that (iCal integration) functionality for my site The iCal reader thingy is a microservice that runs on

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere (and as you point out), CG Pro plus that sort of code basically equals the guts of Airbnb. So, the value of that is extremely high.

If you’re interested in licensing or getting a copy of my microservice code, you can PM me. Note that while the code itself isn’t that complex the value is high – we’re talking a few grand, so just know that.

He @recrutbox! Not at present. The use cases for Full Calendar and CG Pro are rather different. This is not to say that CG Pro (or a variation on CG Pro) will not offer such features in the future, but at the moment, this isn’t a priority for this particular plugin.

But stay tuned here as you never know when I might release something that meets your needs. (It’s possible that Time Grid might fit the bill, but again, that plugin will have a different use case than Full Calendar.)

Best Regards,

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Hi @keith I am wondering if your plugin supports a default block unless an event is on a given date? This means you don’t have to create a long list of blocked dates when you only have one event/availability day in a month.


Hi @simon, it does not, but what is it you are trying to model here? I don’t entirely grok your question. An example of what you need would be helpful.

CG Pro does have dynamic day-of-week blocks (which are intended for modeling changeover days, business days, etc.)

Other types of recurring blocks are possible of course, but I haven’t had a request like that as yet. Let me know more about what you’re trying to do!


Hi @keith my use case is that I have a resource that set’s its availability i.e. Monday 5th July 9am - 11am at all other times it is unavailable.

So I need to block out all other dates but show the 5th as available. To create all those blocked dates while possible is painful so wondering if one of the plugins had default blocked capability and only available where it has an event/availability.


Gotcha. I had thought about an “inverse” mode where, instead of feeding it BLOCKED dates, you would feed it AVAILABLE dates.

Would that accomplish what you need?

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Yep exactly that would be perfect

I had thought about an “inverse” mode where, instead of feeding it BLOCKED dates, you would feed it AVAILABLE dates.


This would be very useful addition - inversed flexibility. As in the case of our holiday rentals, sometimes owners will just want the available blocks/dates to be shown and all other dates outside of those defined date ranges booked/blocked off.

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Good point, @luke2. I may get this feature added before the next update.

BTW, I have a huge massive update coming to CG Pro, but because of how Bubble Plugin builder works, I cannot just drop this update without breaking existing user deployments.

So, I was taking great pains to update my code (easy as I keep it all in one function) and manually add new exposed states, actions, and fields (of which there are many)… BUT I discovered YET ANOTHER plugin builder bug that keeps me from doing THAT!

The same bug also makes it unwise for me to say “eff it” and just copy paste the new version into the commercial version of CG Pro.

Grumble. Basically, cool new stuff in CG Pro is waiting on Bubble Engineering right now. #whaddyagonnado?


BTW, amongst the new things that are pending release are: footer section with auto legend and status line, new exposed states (mostly for iteration applications), “update” mode (for interactive styling) and a bunch of other things I can’t recall at the moment! Might grow custom font support, too…


OH… it does the “only show dates in month” trick, as well! (And this works in all modes, including Range Pick!)

@keith I am getting “missing element” in live mode, though the calendar shows up just fine in development mode. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

@blake1 If it works in development mode then it is supposed to work in live mode too.
I had someone posted the same with one of my plugins.
I will advise you to file a bug report to bubble.