Calendar rostering / scheduling timeline

Can anyone advise what plugin could be used to display the rostering / scheduling timeline for resources (employees, assets, etc)?

I’d like to list resources in a column on the left with the yearly timeline in days similar to the image below and filter them based on availability or other custom criteria about each resource.


I’ve looked at Zeroqodes Air Calendar plugin and it looks like it can display the timeline in hours but I don’t see the option of it displaying days.

Can the Air Calendar be configured to do this or is there another plugin that would be suitable?


Hi Rory,

You can probably create this resource overview / scheduler mostly yourself. Using the new responsive engine, just use the plugin Dates generator for the dates together with your datatype with resources to generate the rows and columns and use conditionals to color the fields when a resources is actually planned.

If you don’t know how to do this, let me know, I’ll create an example you can use.

Best Regards,

Gerbert de Langen
MVP Design

Thanks for your suggestion @gerbertdelangen .

Its very likely that I will have situations where I will be required to show the timeline in hours as well as in days, which might be too difficult with the dates generator.

i.e. Customer A might do small projects on an hourly basis but Customer B might have very large projects that span over multiple days.

I imagined having the ability to enter a project timescale similar to how an event would be added to Google Calendar.

Then I could display the timescale in days or hours.

Is that feasible?

That definitely sounds feasible. When using hours, it is just a matter of calculating the number of hours between the two dates the user has chosen.

About the days view for the Gantt / Resource scheduler, here an example that took me about an hour to create (experiment a little):

I’ll send you a link to my test app so you can look at the configuration.

Because we are using native Bubble elements, you have the freedom to use all of Bubble’s posibilities by simply no coding it:

  • Select a date or multiple dates and automatically plan a resource for those dates / period.
  • Hover a resource or planned date and see the available capacity of a resource.
  • If you register days of for a person, you can also show those days as unavailable in the schedule.
  • Click on a resource and show all activities planned for that resource

For your first screenshot with the WBS element / order task view:

  • Switch betweend a resource view to WBS element / order-task /etc. Gantt view
  • show resources assigned to the wbs elements / tasks.
  • Drag and drop resources on a certain day and have the tasks planned for that day assigned to the person or vice versa.

The only potential issue is performance, especially when you have a lot of resources / tasks / planned days it might become slow.