Resource View in Calendar in new Responsive Engine

Hi All,

Is it possible to create such a view (resources’ timeline in calendar) in new responsive engine?

I have built this using Full Calendar Schedule Suite, but this is just a small part of whole plugin and using the plugin for this has made my application quite slow as probably all so much of code is loaded each time.

So I’ll be keen to create one using native features of Bubble if possible. I initially thought it might be possible in new responsive engine, but it doesn’t seem like. I think it may require dynamic positioning, dynamic width etc which are still not possible in new responsive engine.

Any other suggestions?


Anyone have ideas here now?

@nickc this is one use-case I have been struggling for months. Do you think it would be possible in new responsive engine with the new updates that have taken place? I have not been able to think on how it will be possible.

I need dynamic positioning and width of items for that to show different tasks assigned to resources at different times and of different durations.

Are you sure it’s my plugin making it slow? I’ve added it to one of my projects and it loads rather nicely.

Perhaps I can help you out here.

You can see the calendar and “feel the load time” @

Run the app as a manager. Click the calendar icon / upcoming fidelity checks tab.

There might be some hacky way of achieving this with a collection of horizontal scrolling repeating groups (one for each row) and then using a text field on each thing that is hidden within each entry to determine the length of the time block. For example a 30 min block could be represented by a 10 character string in a hidden textbox, while an hour block could be represented by a 20 character string in a hidden textbox. The group that represents the time block would be set to fit width to content. You would then probably need to have “blank” entries to represent gaps between the time blocks in each row…

Being able to set an objects width via dynamic expression would make the sizing issue a lot easier, but this is not a feature yet.

As you can tell from the extremely hacky potential solution above, leveraging some sort of plugin here would be ideal, since their are libraries out there that have made this type of use case a little more straightforward, but I have noted the above feature request just in case. Hope this helps.


Sorry if I made it sound like it is your plugin issue. It is not that. Your plugin is great and has helped me significantly.

Adding any plugin makes the site slower overall as Bubble loads plugin code randomly even in pages where they are not needed. My page with calendar did become quite slow and I had to resort to separate out calendar in a separate page of its own.

Having said that, it is not just the speed actually. My even bigger issues are the customisations that I want to do in the calendar for my use-cases. Plugin naturally has its limitations e.g. It takes resources list just texts, and as comma separated values. If I have common names or in some cases no names I run into issues. I pass on a field for duration, but I want to put a condition to take another field for end time when a certain condition is met dynamically after calendar is loaded, I can’t do that. If I would like to show some icons before resource names based on some criteria, I can’t do that etc. Maybe some of these are possible in plugin, but I keep needing such customisations and having a native Bubble solution would give me more flexibility and ability to use bubble entities/conditions etc directly.


Thanks for looking into it and noting down the feature request. I think having a power to give “x” and “width” dynamically would make responsive engine immensely powerful and will open many new possibilities.

Thanks for the suggestion solution. Key challenge in the solution is figuring out how to have “blank” entries. It would be quite cumbersome to keep creating and deleting blank entries for each row every now and then (if that’s what you meant). But I’ll try it out and see how it works.

Would you know any plugin which would just make this thing happen (dynamic width and positioning)? I am not looking for a full blown calendar plugin as of now.

Hello, did you manage to find a solution to your problem? Do I have exactly the same query now and with the same tasks?