Calendly Event Listener - Dev Needed

I need a dev that understands how to listen for a booked Calendly event and allow me to use it in my app’s workflows. The user will be providing their Calendly link and another user will be booking at it. I need to detect when an event is booked and save the booked time. Here’s the doc from Calendly:

If you know how to implement this, please message and I will pay you to set it up.

Was there not a workflow already built-in within the Calendly plugin?

That’s for your own Calendly if you have the API key. I need it to allow for users to just add their link which I will embed and the browser will detect when someone books on their calendly.

Hi, take a look at this plugin, it gives you the ability to listen to the events and trigger a workflow -

Thanks. Is it not possible to grab the time they booked?

Yup, looks like you can’t grab the event details from any of the existing plugins. That is what I need.

Looking further, it looks like the date/time is not returned but rather api links. Because of that, it will require the user to provide their API key for you to access details.

If a developer has done this or can do this, please let me know.

Hi @rod.danan

Are you authenticating users with Calendly? From the docs I am quite certain you can subscribe to calendly webhook and create an API workflow that does what you need once you have them authenticated with Calendly.

Let me know if this is something you’ve already tried. If not would love to try this out and see if we can get it to do what you need.

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Hey Rohan. Yeah I think I need to set up OAuth for users to log in to Calendly. Then I can pull their availability from Calendly Developer

My app is already set up to do this with Google Calendar so this looks like the simplest set up to get similar functionality. Is this something you can do?

Hey @rod.danan

Yep, I can do it! I’ll set up the OAuth flow and the backend integration you need. Let’s discuss this over a call. Please find time for a call here:

Kind Regards,

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