Calendly into Bubble - Create User Webhook Subscription

Hello guys!

I’m starting my first Bubble web app and I’m trying to “test” Calendly plugin to figure if it will fit with my needs.

Basically, I want to set a webapp which will allow to my client to get automaticaly a calendly account when they sign up to my product. So I signed up to Calendly to test the product, but I can’t find any tutorial/help about how to create a User Webhook Subscription with the bubble plugin.

I checked this calendly doc but nothing on the web about how it works with bubble :

(I installed the “free” calendly plugin version for the moment)
Anybody encountered the same issue as me?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,

I think you need to process in two step
First, using API Connector, Create the webhook by calling this endpoint

The second step is to receive the webhook. This is done in the Backend workflow. This is the backend workflow (API Workflow) that you will provide inthe first step.