Sync calendly and bubble

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Please tell me, has anyone synced calendly and bubble? The bottom line is that it is necessary that events and people who signed up for it are automatically saved in both calendly and bubble, and when canceled, they are deleted from the bubble database, respectively.

I know that calendly has its own plugin in bubble, I installed it, entered the API key, inserted the HTML code in bubble, to be able to write from bubble, set up two Backends that listen for changes on calendly (one for creating, the second for canceling)… The problem began in the fact that I do not know and can not understand where the webhooks section on calendly is, where it is necessary to insert addresses (including for initialization) to which it will be reported about changes.

Previously, I configured everything through Zapier, it works as it should, but you need to remove Zapier from the chain and synchronize it directly.

Maybe someone has encountered this, please tell me how you decided?

You can do that with only bubble and no calendly!

This is a booking page I made for fun as an example

Thank you for your answer, but it is important for the client to use calendly

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