Call database problem

hi there, i dont know how to say my problem with the database, but me need to know
so to the point

I have a database like this :

so what I want to do is I want to pick detail project content database but I want call it database from project content data field.

i try this way :

but it doesn’t show anything, is something wrong with my setting database? or the way call it?

hope find the right way because my project will depend on something call database like this, thanks

Hi There!

Note that “detail project” is a linked database (Detail Project Content), with others datatypes in it, so you need to specify the datatype you want to select in your “detail project”. :+1:

Could you share a print of your “Detail Project Content” database structure?

sorry for late reply @rpetribu, i still working with this kind of problem :sweat_smile:

here a structure for project content :

and this for detail project content :

is it true to make linked data base/field this way?

and here’s when i try to specific call it but doesnt show anythng,

That is right! :+1:

You have to select “detail project’s image” in order to display it.

But make sure your privacy rules, applied to you database, are allowing you to access such information.

im sorry @rpetribu is like this right?

my question is :
should I set up that 2 thing privacy rule (project content and detailproject)?
this project content is project content, is it right the way I set up?
any addition rule need I set?

sorry because too much ask,

Hi @inspirasimuda.hore . No problem!

First of all, I would sugest you to make it visible for everyone so you will be able to test it and make sure that your code/logic is working. I assume that we are still in this step.

After see that everything is working fine, we can focus in the privacy rules (that will also have its own logic based in your project’s logic). There is no recepit for it…

So first, make everything visible, for everyone…
First test to see if the problem of you image is gone!

@rpetribu am i miss something? ( i do the same in detail project content prvacy too.)
is auto binding need here?

That’s it. No privacy at all… :+1:
Now go check if you can show the image you was trying to…

is auto binding need here?

No, you can leave it this way…

im just try it, but still doesnt show the image