Need help with the database

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I’m working on a little project in my free time just to learn something new.

I’m currently working on a project that list all storages units in my country.

But i’m having a bit difficulty when there is multiple sizes and prices on the unit.

What I did was in the “depot” (which I named for all the info) data field I have created a new data field within all the info name, adress etc… and on the Option Set i’ve created a new option set which I named size-price and two new multiple attributes one text field for the sizes and another one for the prices which has given two new fields in the attributes that I can add.

But i’m having alot of troubles with it to display in the repeating group, it will only add all the prices first and all the unit sizes after like this:


$10, $20 and unit-size 10m2, 20m2

(this is just an example) instead of


$10 size unit-size 10m2

$20 size unit-size 20m2

In the repeating group it looks like this:

Current cell’s Depot’s Size-unit:each item’s Price, Current cell’s Depot’s Size-unit:each item’s unit

But there is probably some steps in between or something i’m missing.

Can anybody help me or guide me in the right direction? Would really appreciate it

Hope it all makes sense.

Thank you all

and sorry for my english if it doesn’t make sense.

Can you share a screenshot please?

Hi Jack,

Of course I can! Thank you!

Hope this makes sense and once again thank you!

I think in the dynamic text should be current cell’s Depot’s size then you just type
( unit-size) to avoid repetition then each items Pris

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thank you so much Jack, i’ll try it out later :grinning:

ok bro no worries