Need help with my project, Database Bug?

Still need help with this project im making.

This is in regard from my other forum topic I have open. I thought I write this one because it may be confusing.

Anyways after reading through the responses I tried verious options and nothing seems to display the messages from the database, using reapting groups, text cells. I have no idea why. I will show you below I tried to do the privacy rules as shown but nothing as yet, as I really need this project to work for my communtiy. Been at this now for over a week lol.

I have set this to public edit so someone can help if they do so wish. Thanks

PS:- Yes the window (browser is NOT zoomed in, its at 100%, as I know this causes problems sometimes.)

Looks like you need to create some fake announcements. When I looked, your database was empty. I created one fake announcement in the data tab and then previewed it. The preview didn’t show anything, so I went back to the data tab, clicked on users, and then clicked on the run as button for the sole user in the table. The data loaded.

Take a look at your privacy rules. If you are logged in, the user can find the announcements with the searches. But if you look at the bottom rule you created, the everyone else rule does not allow a user to find announcements with a search. The repeating group is populated by searches. So that is what is preventing the data from populating.

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Hi there, Thanks for your help, so do I need to remove that current rules that I have? I aint sure… Anyways do you like the design etc?

It depends on what you are trying to do. If this is a closed system where users have to sign in to access everything, then I would make it so that if the user isn’t logged in , they can’t see anything. You need to design your CRUD (create, read, update, delete) system for the announcements and then build your privacy rules around that.

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Thanks for your help. I managed to sort the issue. :slight_smile: