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I am confused. I have a menu with links to others pages which I am creating. I just want to click in the menu to go to other page and I am confused what data to set to be send.


I am in the main page which is the ticket page with all tickets opened, solved etc. I want to go to page Meeting. What data I need to set in the field data to send ?


Hi there, @amunizbrr2… if the workflow is requiring you to send data to a page, it is because the page to which you are navigating has a type of content set for it, and you can see that type of content on the Appearance tab of the page’s edit dialog. So, you would need to send data to the page that is the same type as the page’s type of content.

The above being said, you don’t have to have a type of content set for a page. So, if you are simply trying to navigate to a page without sending data to the page and if the elements on the page are not relying on the page having a type of content, you can remove the page’s type of content, and you will be able to navigate to the page without sending any data to it.

Hope this helps.


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