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Go to page : send data is mandatory

Hi all,

I am going to put my application live soon and the only errors that I have left are :

" Go to page X : remember to fill out Data to send "

The problem is that my index page from witch I want to navigate has no data to send, there is no data creation in the index… Any idea how I can counter this problem ?


The page that you’re “Going To” has a Content Type set to it. If that target page is not using anything that refer’s to “Current Page’s [Thing]” , then you can remove the Content Type, and this requirement will go away on any Go to Page actions.

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Thanks @romanmg,

The problem is that the destination page has a content type…


Then you need to send data to that page. That page is expecting data in order to populate it, so if you go there without any data being sent, you’ll get a broken page.

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Why does your page have a content type if you don’t send any data to it? Sounds odd, but if you still want to do it this way you could try to just use an empty dummy record which you send to your page.

@andrewgassen & @reger-alexander

Thank you for your answers, I log the user in the index page and then I create data of a different type in the other pages that I then use on different pages.

If I create a stupid field in the User type this could work ? I already tried to send the user email but it did not change much…

EDIT : I solved the problem thanks :slight_smile:

@biminmotion - how did you solve this?

I am dealing with this same problem. I have a button on current user’s page (type:user) for them to view their company access (type:company) and a “go to page” workflow, but it won’t let me send user data because it is type:company. (I have addressed this with a RG on the company page referencing “current user’s…” so I don’t need to send data).

I worked around it by passing a search for a Thing of the right type, but matching a unique id of blank - so it will never find a matching record => build validation is happy, but the result is navigating to the page without a key.


If I’m going to the page “new product” I don’t have any data to send. The page “new produtct” has a content type, but I don’t have any data to populate it.

This is a great workaround! Thank you.

The reason I needed this is the page I was sending had a type. That type was needed so that I could send data on page load to the page when doing filtering on that page. However, I wanted to link to that page but not send data. This worked!

I solved using the “Random Item” Option.
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