What to put in "data to send" when I don't want to send any data?

So, I’ve created my app and it works fine. I have a few buttons on each page that when clicked send the user to another page (for example- home button, settings button etc). This works fine even though I haven’t filled out the “data to send” part in the workflow.

Some of them, like this one, show this as an issue to fix. So which option am I meant to choose?

Hi there, @sofsmendonca… when you see that issue, it means the page to which you are navigating has its Type of content set to one of your data types. So, when navigating to that page, the workflow is expecting you to send an item of the same type to the page. In this case, what is the type of content associated with your settings page? Also, do you need the settings page to have its type of content defined? If you don’t, you can remove the value from the page’s Type of content field, and you will not have to send any data to the page when navigating to it.


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The settings page type content is User because that’s where the user can change some of the account and profile settings.
So that means that I have to make the “Data to send” type user or current user?

And having the page type filled out is not a necessity?

Thank you

Yes, you can send the current user to the page because its type of content is User.

No, it is not a necessity for a page to have its type of content filled out.

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Ok, thank you that helped!

Also if you happen to know how to work with Admob, I made a post yesterday that I really needed help with: How to put admob on app?

Either way, Thanks :slight_smile:

in general you can fill it out with any data eg lets say the new page is type restaurant
just use do a search for restaurants first item

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