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New Braintree & Paypal Plugin Combined

Screenshot 2020-02-20 11.44.34

We have nearly completed a Braintree Plugin that handles PAYPAL and CREDIT CARDS both ONE-OFF and RECURRING charges. We have successfully deployed this for ourselves and just trying to gauge interest and we will make the extra effort to turn it into a plugin. It would be about 3 weeks of effort and testing. Let me know if interested.


So you finished working on the plugin?

I’m using it myself yes

It’s availabile for public or private only?

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Just an update, we are using this very successfully for ourselves and I am about to integrate into a second and. third app. I want to be sure it is solid before releasing it a public plugin.

It also

  • one off payments
  • allows you to store paypal or credit card
  • charge the user at any time in the future with stored details

Will release soon

@morgan Any update on this? Would love to try this plugin.

Hey Jared, I will try to have it ready with about 2 weeks for public use.


Awesome… very anxious to get this going.

did you release it? I am avoiding Stripe as the plague

I’d be very interested. Any update?