Calling the n'th from last item?

Hi everyone, quick question hopefully… Is there a way to call the n’th from last item when pulling data from a list? E.g., the 12th from last item?

I fully appreciate that we can call the n’th item via the ‘item#’ filter but this works from ‘top to bottom’. The lists I work with expand and contract. The starting point for the calculation is the last item, and the second number will be the 12th from last item…

Huge thanks in advance.

Hi there, @a.alighanbari… you can sort the search in descending order by creation date and then get the 12th item, and that should produce the desired result.


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Hey @mikeloc thanks for the tip, that also crossed my mind. Was looking for an n’th from last equivalent to avoid rewriting the formulas :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but think it’s the best solution… Thanks again.

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