Get second to last item in a list

It’s late and I’m tired, but is there really no easy way to get the second to last (previous) item of a list?

I started tinkering with setting a state to number of items -1 and then pulling the item number
of the state. But it didn’t work out as I hoped for in the end. Surely there has to be a simple way to do this? It’s just getting the previous item in a list for comparison… what the heck? :sleeping:

Edit: should mention that this is for a RG, so I think that would rule out expression as well.

LIST (minus item) LIST’s Last Item

Repeat twice.


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ah, of course! thank you. what I was missing was the second round of last item.

so the full condition will be “LIST’s last item > LIST:minus item LIST’s last item last item”.

To actually get the new last item. Right, time for bed. Thank you my friend @t_bubble

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