EMBED Bubble As IFrame Not Possible?

Hello all,

For some reason I can’t get Bubble to display as an iframe within a WordPress website/sidebar.

Is this not possible due to a Bubble limitiation?

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What errors are outputting in the dev console of your browser?

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I observed that there is an unexpected slash which appears at the top left of my iFrame. I am wondering if it was intended to prevent that.

Note: the bubble page shows up properly. The slash on top left looks weird. I am not sure if someone ever encountered the same issue.

iFraming Bubble pages works for us.

Any chance your Wordpress site isn’t secured with SSL (e.g., the URL shows up as HTTP instead of HTTPS)? …that could explain the problem you’re seeing.

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I will double check. I am glad to know that bubble page can be embedded into an iFrame.

my bad, the weird slash was introduced in my webpage HTML header.

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Wait, how did you get wordpress to display a bubble page as an iframe? I am working on that right now and would really like to know! I would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to explain.

Be sure to first enable iFrames in Bubble/Settings or it won’t render, then just plop in iframe code onto a wordpress page and you’re done.

I did that, but I’m still having trouble. The iframe started working well in draft. But when I hit preview or refresh, the code and iframe disappear.

Use an online iframe emulator, i bet the elements are just being pushed off the page or something

any chance you can share if/how you were able to make the iframe responsive? I am also updating a client’s site that is on wordpress with a store built on bubble.