Can a button in responsive app open a native app (ie Waze, Twitter) on a smartphone

Hi - for a responsive Bubble app running on either iPhone or Droid (or a Pad), can I have a button in the app open a specific native app on the smartphone, ie Waze, Twitter, FB, etc.

The button in the app would not be expected to open any native/installed apps on a desktop/laptop. The use-case is only for smartphones and pads.

Thanks in advance.

Mostly that will happen automatically if you’re using links in the format provided by the app developers in question. For example, I just slapped a “tweet” button down on this page (below the footer):

If you visit that page on mobile and scroll to the bottom, clicking the “tweet” button will launch Twitter on your mobile device. I didn’t do anything special besides create the button code using Twitter’s own interface:

Pro tip: When you’re wondering stuff like this, why not just try it out and see what happens?

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