Simply Make a call

Hi does Bubble has this option when user click the button to make a call without using plugins and other 3rd parties such as twilio, zapier and etc…
thanks in advance

Well, there’s nothing particularly “simple” about “making a phone call”. However, you can of course create links that – depending upon the user’s mobile device – may automagically open their txt/messaging app or phone app when clicked. Do that like so… This link will on most phones, create an SMS text message to the number in question:

This link will on most phones, dial the number in question:

Is that what you’re trying to do? Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your response Keith but I did everything what you suggest but when after clicking on it, it does nothing
P.S Its a mobile APP

Well, dunno what to tell you. Will work on most mobile browsers on most phones. Are you wrapping your bubble site in something (like dropsource)? (If so, it’s up to that wrapper to control what happens with such links – perhaps something needs to be re-configured.) Or are you just viewing your site/app in the phone’s native browser? (If so, on most mobile devices these types of links will work.

Again, there’s no guarantee that such links will do what you want them to – it’s up to how the mobile browser works. But, for example, on iOS (Safari browser) these links will launch Messenger or the Phone app respectively.

What phone and browser are you using?

Thanks again for your answer Keith
I’m using iphone 7 and yes i’m using droupsource web simulator to test my App on the phone maybe thats why the problem is coming from
anyway thanks for suggestions!

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