Can anyone help me how to build this in bubble , what plugin is this

@sideswapper his website has this and i cant figure out how to make that fr , dope calander function , does anyone have any idea how to

Its a embedded iframe

is it an addable api ? or a plugin

Its an iframe :slight_smile:

Cal will provide you with a snippet of HTML that you can put in a bubble HTML element, and you’ll then have the above calendar.

Sorry my bad i am new at this, do you require a paid plan for that?

is there a youtube tutorial for this?

Basically, as what @nico.dicagno said, will provide an HTML snippet. You will then copy this HTML snippet and paste it on a Bubble HTML element.

Here’s a step by step on how to do it:

  1. Select an event
  2. Click Embed
  3. Choose any of the options. I’ll go for inline embed since I want to show it directly.
  4. Simply copy the HTML
  5. Paste it on an HTML element

It should look like this

Hope this helps.

Same as @avidan.james here.

Just tried what you @ntabs just explained, good job in it, but for my isn’t still working.
Could it be because of those lines? Where did you entered them?

  // Important: Please add the following attributes to the element that should trigger the calendar to open upon clicking.
  // `data-cal-link="username/15min"`
  // data-cal-namespace=""
  // `data-cal-config='{"layout":"column_view"}'`


did that but its static , you cant click or interact

Hey Avidan,

I just installed the Web and movile Iframe plugin and pasted the link of my calendar.

This is how it looks inside the plugin iframe element:

thank you