Can anyone please confirm this is how a recurring event works?

Hi, can someone please confirm this is how recurring events work?

  1. When setting a monthly recurring event (such as trigger an API workflow), if I set this to begin tomorrow will the 1st (first) trigger occur tomorrow and then every month, or in a months time?

  2. If I set the monthly recurring event to begin yesterday will the first trigger occur at the time it is activated or a month from yesterday?


Pretty sure that 1) tomorrow, and then every month from the time you set it and 2) it should run immediately and then set again a month from Yesterday… but I’d check on your own. Easy way to do this is to set up a test scenario in your own app, and then check the Scheduler (under logs) to see when things schedule and confirm/deny your hypothesis. Let me know what happens if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Hi @scott3

You read my mind I was setting up an experiment to see what happens.

So the answer is:

  1. If you set the recurring event to begin any time in the future, it will trigger on that date (say tomorrow) and every month, week etc after.

  2. If you set the Recurring event to begin yesterday it will NOT trigger Now, and NOT trigger a month from yesterday - no action.

However! If you schedule it to begin today between the current time and ten minutes ago it will trigger the workflow NOW - and then every month.

I tried between now and an hour ago and nothing, so it appears that there is some kind of time buffer applied if not only a few minutes in the past.


Hi All,

I tried to set a recurring event but it didn’t work. Could anyone point out what’s incorrect?

I’m trying to create a yearly birthday message. I did a test and it should have sent the message at 12am this morning but it didn’t.

The birthday reads correctly in the Pet I created in my app’s data.
I checked my logs and there isn’t even an attempt to run anything at 12AM :frowning:

Thanks in advance if you can help!

Hey Jamie - might need a bit more info. But from what I gather of what you posted, here’s my thoughts. When you set up the recurring event, was the Start Date before the current date or after the current date?

Consider this: say the current date is June 28, 2018. Scenario A: User provides pets birthday as February 1, 2014. Scenario B: User provides pets birthday as September 4, 20012).

In your start date for the recurring workflow, you normalize the year to the current year. However, if the birthday (month and day) is prior to the current date (scenario A), that may not be properly accounted for and the workflow fails to be captured.

Try running a scenario B type date and see what happens. (I’m not positive, but I believe recurring workflows can’t be retroactive. Haven’t tested that use case before).

Thanks for your help! I set this up a few days ago and made the birthday June 29, 2013, so technically the month and day were in the future. Could it have to do with the way I’m changing the year?

@jamie Did you ever figure this out? I’m struggling through a simliar problem, and can’t figure out how to format that date so the recurring event sends.

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Try setting the date to: mm-dd-yy 12:00:00am
I found out that playing with dates is a bit tricky in bubble.