Recurring Workflow API Time Problem

Hi Team,

Seem to be having a painful issue with Recurring Workflow API’s

The scenario is

  1. Create a recurring billing subscription using the API workflow

  2. See the backend of the workflow, the date is pretty straight forward… It fetches the date from part 1’s “Start” input field.

  3. So now the workflow date should be 01/04/2018 as per the input in step 1… However the date is coming up as completely random for example in this test 02/05/2018 … Why :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @jake.berry :slight_smile: It looks like you have this set up correctly! Is the type of content for the date input of type date? I think it might be the formatting of the date inside the input. If you use ‘/’ instead of ‘.’, does that make a difference? Is the User just typing in that date into the input, or is it coming from a date picker element?

Hey Faye,

Have tried just about everything from date pickers to input fields, even tried storing a date locally in a DB then fetching it for the input.

I have now reverted to just manually removing one month from the formula in step 2 (reluctant as i like to know my logic is 100%). Just hope that an issue isn’t found one day and resolved otherwise opprox 5000 people will be double billed $100 odd bucks… which is about half a million dollars…