Email reminders - recurring

Hello everybody,

trying to create birthday reminders for my app.

User has to insert a “name”(input text) and “date”(Date time picker)
Then click the submit button
(workflow submit button:)

By clicking the submit button

  • a new “Birthday Reminder” is created.
  • an email is send to confirm user the date has been saved
  • SET A RECURRING EVENT from API Workflow:

As you can see in the photos, I want the user to receive a reminder email, yearly

But I want my user to receive the reminder email for example 7 DAYS BEFORE THE GIVEN BIRTHDAY DATE.
What do I set then as start date? Date/TimePicker A’s value …
Is this the right method/way of doing this?

Can anybody please help.
Thank you so much in advance !

hi! Rodrigo from here :slight_smile:

You need to save the birthday of the user as a date type. after that in the dynamic field of the recurring event you will be able to select something like : current user birthday +(days): -7
(in this case for 7 days before the user birthday)

hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so so much for your help !
Do you know if there any way I can test out if the mail is being sent WITHOUT upgrading the plan until the app is finished?


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