Can App JSON data be created outside of Bubble?


I recently found the Import/Export data feature inside for Importing and Exporting the JSON data, so I was interested to know whether we can build up an interface using a text editor and JSON then import it in the right structure and format into and will it work? is the unique random strings just random strings and that’s all that’s needed?

Basically my plan is to make an Adobe XD plugin to automatically generate the UI JSON data so it wouldn’t have any workflows or anything just the basic UI built from the Adobe XD artboard.

Is this possible to create bubble side with creating JSON data from scratch and importing it?

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Joshua Riley


I like your style. Not sure if it’s possible at all, but I’ll follow along to see what happens!

It would be really useful if it can, the possibilities would be endless! Visually creating UI’s in Adobe XD and being able to integrate that in a pipeline for would be very beneficial

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Update: I have successfully managed to work on generating Bubble pages from Figma, You can save an svg from Adobe XD and import into Figma, that’s how you can convert and XD file to Figma as there is no proper way to do it. I wasn’t having any luck with the Adobe XD Plugin API so decided to work on Figma instead.

Here is the thread I just creating regarding this tool :slight_smile:

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Following. Would love this capability.