Can Apptext become a bit more useful?

I’ve searched a little in the forum, usually for requests for AppText, it is recommended to add a language type to the database. This is perhaps a better method, but it still takes more time.

Especially when working with a collabrator to create the application or to edit it quickly when I buy the template. Creating my applications in the language I use makes it easy for me, but when I add a collabrator, it’s a bit complicated.

An example: I have another page, build with a collaborator and his language is English, this time I have to do this translation once again.

But my clients usually don’t need a second language, their employees don’t know another language. Bubble forum shows that there are users who use dozens of different languages. This could be useful to many people in the near future.

As someone who develops applications on a different language, such a feature would help

Of course, Bubble is not certain to implement this idea. So I’m going to ask the creators of the template. Please create all the text elements with AppText when creating a template. Or present it with a translation-ready database.



Hello there …

A little need arose. :disappointed_relieved:

Bubble doesn’t know which is original language was created when an Apptext was created. Text on the Language tab cannot be copied, which makes it necessary to rewrite the same words. It takes a lot of time.

If you edit, I wish you would add it.

Finally, the language packs that come with Bubble doesn’t contain placeholders for the elements. For example, “choose an option” written in Dropdown or “type here” with the input. I have to edit it once every time I create a dropdown, input or something. Ok, we don’t always use patterns, but when we do, translation becomes compulsory.

Thank you

I really want to be able to edit the AppText with a Workflow action.


AppText edit with Workflow action is available now?

Are you asking or is it available?

Asking, is this feature is available (either external plugin or bubble itself)?