Can Bubble be used for setting up NeoBank?

Hi everyone,

Can Bubble be used to develop a NeoBank MVP that does the following:

  1. Connects via a financial aggregator like Plaid to the multiple accounts of a customer across various financial institutions
  2. Analyzes actual revenue/expenses (from the various connected bank accounts) and compares them against anticipated revenues/expenses (provided as an input by user)
  3. Houses a back-end calculation engine that allows it to make recommendations on how much money to invest, in what (product), where (which institution) and for long to invest (e.g. 1 year vs. 3 years).
  4. Connects to a partner bank to allow movement of money from customer account to partner bank account

I don’t need the MVP to be fancy, just need something basic but robust (given it is a banking application) to demonstrate the POC (Proof of Concept) with a handful of clients. If this can be built in Bubble, what would be a reasonable estimate of time and cost?

Thanks a lot for your guidance!

I know tools that have done each of these things individually (connect and pull data from Plaid, analyze that data in bulk, running calculations on that data, and connecting to partner banks either via Stripe Treasury or other invite-only BaaS products), so it stands to reason they could probably be all combined into one!

Time and cost is variable; I need to hear a bit more about your scope. Would you sharing some more about your scope? A DM is fine if you’re looking to keep things on the down-low.

Sorry nsykes, I clearly missed seeing your response. Actually I had posted on the Marketplace soon after posting this message with my project and got many agencies respond. My apologies and thank you once again for your response. I did end up going with one of the agencies but wanted to send you a response as you were kind enough to write to me.

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How is this build going? We are currently working on an MVP for a smaller project but similar. I would love to compare notes. We are making a simple calculator for business owners. So we have setup a PLAID plugin to import bank account transactions of the user, then will run basic calculations on the back end to help them with budgets and expenses, and then make recommendations back to them (nothing complex). There is an added feature we are trying to use a service to allow them to transfer money between their own bank accounts however the transfer fees are almost cost prohibitive. A user would incur fees for each wire transfer…where they could theoretically just login to their own banking apps on their phone and transfer money for free across their own accounts. This is our current challenge, while it is POSSIBLE, im not sure it is feasible.