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Hey, I’m currently developing my first App on Bubble and I want to integrate finAPI to get an overview of my online banking, match the transactions with invoices in my app and make payments through the app. Has anyone done this before? I found one post from 2019 on this topic and to be honest it’s my first time working with api integrations.

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Hi Daniel. Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll have to go through 3rd party open banking API services and these charge a lot of money. The two most popular are Yodlee and Plaid. Yodlee were very friendly but wanted £2,000 up-front to even start using it although were prepared to do a pay-as-you-go after that, so much for each 100 syncs. Plaid just completely dismissed my enquiry telling me they wanted at least £1,000 per month minimum spend regardless of how many customers or users were on the app.

That’s my experience anyway and I’ve not found anything else out there that is any better or cheaper. If you’ve got funding or a budget for your app then these services have got some pretty good APIs.

Hope that helps.

There is Yappily as well but haven’t contacted them for pricing. Might be worth a look. finAPI doesn’t cover the UK so didn’t look into them but if you’re in Germany or one of the other countries they cover then give them a look.

Thanks for the answers! I also found different providers, including the once mentioned before but as I am in Germany and finAPI is quite affordable I would preferably use their API. Furthermore, Yappily takes over finAPI at the moment and cover both companies countries with either company.

In their documentation (finAPI API Documentation) I can find that they are using OAUTH but with the Bubble API Connector I find different options for OAUTH and none seems to match the data I got. They have provided me with a ClientID, Secret and DDK. Can someone explain to me which one to use and how to set it up ?

It’s definitely worth checking out this video for OAuth

Hi Daniel,

I am from Germany too. After testing Plaid for a Bank API, I want to test finAPI as well. Did you manage to implement finAPI into your Bubble app? I am keen to know if and how it works.


Hi Andreas, depending on what you want to do I might be able to help. We did manage to provide onlie banking and transaktions with finAPI. What are you looking for?

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Hey Daniel,

ich hoffe Deutsch ist ok. Ich würde in meiner Anwendung gerne implementieren, dass der User über die API sein Bankkonto verknüpft, um dann Transaktionen von diesem Konto abzurufen. Diese sollen dann in der Anwendung weiter verarbeitet werden, um Cashflow Analysen zu erstellen. Würde mich freuen, falls wir uns darüber austauschen könnten.

Beste Grüße

wäre auch interessiert :wink:

Hi Daniel, habe mich mal anhand der Dokumentation von finAPI dran probiert. Was den Access Token angeht, habe ich es hinbekommen. Aber danach komme ich aktuell leider nicht wirklich weiter. Auch dann was die Web Form usw. betrifft. Über eine Rückmeldung bzgl. API Connector und Workflows für die finAPI Anbindung würde ich mich freuen.

Hi Daniel,

I stumbled upon this thread while researching how to access FinAPI, and I have a question.
It appears that FinAPI primarily caters to businesses and has a pricing model starting at 30 Euros per month for the first 100 users.

My query is whether you, as an individual user, were able to access FinAPI services. If so, I’d love to hear about your experience and any insights on how you managed it.

Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!


Hallo fok_ste,

ich habe gesehen, dass Du Dich in diesem Thread auch zum Thema FinAPI beiteiligt hast.

Vielleicht kannst Du mir hier weiterhelfen: Gibt es aktuell eine Möglichkeit als Einzelperson FinAPI für eine eigene Anwendung zu nutzen?

Soweit ich es verstanden habe, wird das derzeit nicht angeboten. Evtl. gibt es aber einen Trick um doch darauf zuzugreifen? Evtl. auch wenn es etwas kosten sollte, solange es nicht zu teuer wird.

Vielen Dank vorab