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[NEW PLUGIN] Plaid with Plaid Link and OAuth

Hi All -

Open Banking is everywhere - there are so many use cases enabled by your users connecting to their bank accounts to share financial data with your app. Plaid is the leading financial infrastructure provider for enabling connections to the banking ecosystem - and they’ve been busy! This plugin includes their newest integration patterns, including Plaid Link and OAuth - which Plaid is requiring for some banks as of May 2021.

This plugin came out of work I did to get the IvyCo fintech app working, since existing plugins weren’t cutting it. I’ve also become (dare I say it) a Plaid expert, especially around Bubble implementation of Plaid. Understanding the Plaid integration can be tricky - when you buy this Plugin, you’ll also get Q&A support from me.

The plugin is limited for now to Transactions and Auth products from Plaid, but more products (like Assets and Investments) can be added easily as needed - just reach out!

Looking forward to any feedback or enhancement requests.


(you can reach out via [email protected] too!)

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Useful! :+1:t2:

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