[NEW PLUGIN] Plaid with Plaid Link and OAuth

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Open Banking is everywhere - there are so many use cases enabled by your users connecting to their bank accounts to share financial data with your app. Plaid is the leading financial infrastructure provider for enabling connections to the banking ecosystem - and they’ve been busy! This plugin includes their newest integration patterns, including Plaid Link and OAuth - which Plaid is requiring for some banks as of May 2021.

This plugin came out of work I did to get the IvyCo fintech app working, since existing plugins weren’t cutting it. I’ve also become (dare I say it) a Plaid expert, especially around Bubble implementation of Plaid. Understanding the Plaid integration can be tricky - when you buy this Plugin, you’ll also get Q&A support from me.

The plugin is limited for now to Transactions and Auth products from Plaid, but more products (like Assets and Investments) can be added easily as needed - just reach out!

Looking forward to any feedback or enhancement requests.


(you can reach out via info@lostsheep.dev too!)


Useful! :+1:t2:

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We’ve just released a companion plugin that makes it easier to use Plaid with Stripe for low-cost ACH transactions. Instead of credit card info, your customers connect to their bank account through Plaid - then your app can obtain a secure token from Plaid that’s used with Stripe. Your app never needs to handle sensitive bank account data!

@brian9 cool. will this allow outbound ACH payouts/transfers from the app to vendors?

@akalati inherently, no. The Plaid Auth feature itself doesn’t handle any money movement - it just creates secure bank tokens to use with Payment processors. Right now, I’ve only built out the Plaid+Stripe use case, which is specific to payments from customers to the app. It might be possible to use Stripe’s Connect product with this, but I honestly don’t know that much about Stripe Connect and how it interacts - if you figure out how to take a payment Source in stripe and use that with Stripe Connect, then this integration should work.

There are some other Plaid + Payment Processor integrations that might do what you need - if one of those services does what you need let me know and I can easily add that to this Plaid plugin. More info: Auth - Move money with our partners | Plaid Docs

Wow. It’s crazy how easy it is to charge a CC yet so very difficult to payout micro payments. Seems like there’s no easy solution and it’s driving me crazy.

Stripe Connect is pretty good for that from all I’ve heard. From what I understand the complexity in that use case is more around AML/Identity verification - you can’t just pay people, you have to verify that the people you’re paying are real and keep records for the tax people.

I hear that. But the test onboarding I performed using the Bubble Stripe plugin (“Register the user as a seller” action) requires business info, website addr, etc. to be approved, despite choosing Individual in your onboarding flow.

Just release v. 3.0.0, which adds the Plaid Investments product to enable your app to get Holdings, Securities, and Investment details from customer’s investment accounts. The integration guide linked from the plugin page has also been updated with details about the Investment use case.

Also with this version, the API keys were cleaned up and made easier to use.

Plaid Plugin v 4.0.0 was just released. This enables Plaid for non-US banks, and Plaid Link experiences in French, Spanish, and Dutch. This version also includes the API call to obtain secure processor tokens for use with payment processors other than Stripe (like Dwolla and Modern Treasury) (originally released in 3.1.0).

Upgrade Notes:

  • Create Link Token call must now specify the Country(s) and Language your app will use. These new fields will appear once you upgrade the plugin.

Just released v4.1.0, which adds the Plaid Balance inquiry action. Balances received from other products/actions may be out of date since they are cached - using this Balance inquiry ensures that your app has the most up-to-date balance for an account.

Just released v5.2.0 which adds the Plaid Liabilities product - you can now get additional info about Credit and Loan accounts using this plugin.

:new: major version update. V6.0.0:

  • Adds Account Filtering feature to Create Link Token step, which helps ensure users link accounts only relevant to your use case
  • Changes the Bank Account Data action from Action to Data type, to simplify handling in Bubble
  • Improves failure handling

When upgrading to this version, pay particular attention to the Account Filters - if you want it to behave exactly as before this upgrade, set them all to [“all”]; otherwise, set the filters as appropriate for your use case.

Just released a new major version of both the Plaid and Plaid+Stripe plugins.

The big new addition: There are now FREE how-to videos available for integrating Plaid to your Bubble app! Plaid in Bubble.io - Unit 1: Plaid Link - YouTube

The Plaid plugin also now supports the Assets product.

Important Update: Version 8.0.0 of the plugin was just released. This version removes the Account Filter feature that was in v6.0.0 to help ensure users link accounts only relevant to your use case.

Plaid released a change that broke this feature for Bubble apps, and was causing “No Accounts Available” error messages when trying to link accounts.

This may be added back at a later date - for now, you can filter accounts after the fact within your Bubble app. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Version 9.1.0 was just released. This version:

  • Re-introduces the Account Filters feature that was removed in v8.0.0
  • Supports “Account Select V2”. This new experience from Plaid will be MANDATORY (per Plaid) as of Q2 2022. This feature lets your app be notified about new accounts your user opens at banks they’ve previously connected, and lets your user give your app permission to access those accounts.
  • Introduces a requested feature to mock up Investment webhooks
  • Adds lots of additional granularity to Plaid Link events, interim data, and other metadata.

Subscribe to the Plaid Integration How To playlist on YouTube to learn more: Bubble.io Plaid Plugin How To's - YouTube

I’ll be publishing a video in particular about Account Select V2 soon!

V9.2.0 fixes some problems that existed with the Account Filters feature. There’s now a new Action to set up account filters, the output of which you use for the Create Link Token step.

A video walking through this is “coming soon”.

V9.6.0 introduces Plaid Identity

It also makes Plaid’s new Transaction Categorization on by default.

Finally, this version releases a Beta feature for Transaction Pagination so that you don’t have to build workflows to enable pagination through workflows.

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