Can Bubble connect to an external mysql database?


I have a mysql database hosted on another domain, it is my understanding that mysql can be remotely accessed by another script if the ip of other website is added to the cpanel.

Could a Bubble app remotely access some data(securely) I have hosted somewhere else and output it in the app itself?

Thank you.

I don’t think so. I would imagine you have to build a API that reads from mysql and somehow connects back to bubble or writes to it. Of course this depends on what you trying to achieve. Take a look at zapier it has some zaps that work with mysql. Or just build your own using zapier or a custom block on blockspring.

Hi AliFarahat,

Thanks for the reply!, I will check Zapier

Blockspring would be the way to make it synchronous. So like a “read”. But it doesn’t connect to mysql as far as I can tell. Works with Postgres however.

Zapier can certainly connect to mysql and can do a search. But you would have to make it an asynchronous call. Zapier zaps just trigger, they don’t get anything back.

You would need to have a multi step zap to then do a POST back into Bubble and trigger a workflow.

So…it might be possible. But would take a bit of thought.

We just launched it!


Very good :slight_smile:

I have a business directory online and would like to pull the details of the directory into Bubble.

My first question would be, if I pull let’s say 50 businesses pictures, address in one query, how many workflows this will be taking?

Will Bubble cache the data or will bubble have to each time pull the new query everytime there is a user search?

Finally, when bubble will be on the Android Market, how will the data be transmitted from a remote mysql into a bubble app that could perhaps download the new data each time the mobile goes online?

Thank you

  1. One workflow to get the data using the query, and then it depends how you do things, anywhere from 1 to 50 workflows. Could you perhaps store the data directly in Bubble? Or do you already have it in the DB?
  2. Up to you. If you save the data in Bubble it’s there. We also do some caching if the query stays the same, but it’s per session.
  3. Again, up to you, but mobile apps work more or less the same way, perhaps with some local saving of data - too early to tell.

hello, do you have any plugin to connect mongoDB database? Thanks

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