Importing MySQL database to Bubble Database

Hi there, I am looking to important some information from MySQL databsae to the Bubble database. We have used the MySQL Connection plugin & we have successfully paired the database, but we’re having a hard time pulling information from external APIs. I was interested in seeing if we are able to import MySQL’s database information into Bubble’s database?

For example, we have a table in our database called ‘players’. There are various columns within this table such as ‘citizenid’ that we would like to be transferred into Bubble’s native app data. The only way I can think of doing this is by exporting the database information as a CSV and importing the CSV into bubble’s app data. However’ our database is constantly being updated with new information & we’re also interested in seeing if it is possible to automate this process. I have looked into API endpoints but most of that goes over my head. Any information I can get on this would be of great help. I have reached out to Bubble support but was only referred to the documentation which I’m having a hard time understanding.

Support suggested using the ‘Bulk Create New Things’ function, (Data API - Bubble Docs) but I am not sure how to set this up to work with our MySQL database to automatically import information into Bubble.

Do you have the ability to add triggers or listeners to data in your MySQL database. For instance like an on create, on read, on write. If so then that would be the best place to probably start if the data will constantly be changing and you want it automatically to update in Bubble.

Yes, we have the option to add triggers & listeners in our database. However, my line of knowledge ends there. I am not too familiar with where or what to put to send data to Bubble’s database from my external MySQL database. I’ve been messing around with APIs trying to import the external database into bubble for about a week without success.

Could you possibly provide some insight into adding triggers/listeners into my MySQL Database?

Bump… still looking for solutions. Is anyone able to provide some insight into integrating an external database into bubble?

Why cant you query the mysql DB directly? I use the DB connector extensively and I works great.

We can with the MySQL connector, but I am not sure which query to run. Do you have an example of how your database is set up?


Not sure I follow - you can issue whatever query you want, and the results come back as items that can be used in the bubble interface.

MyGuyTate, were you ever able to solve this issue? I’m running into the same issue.