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Can Bubble create fast static HTML pages?

Can I use Bubble to pre-generate fast static HTML pages?
Something like pre-caching.

If so how?

I would like to create a page builder tool using Bubble.
Backend can be slow - that’s fine.
But the generated pages should be fast - so these should be in static HTML and not generated on the fly.

I think you could put an HTML element onto the page.

@jayy nope this won’t work on bubble, you have no control over performance or caching. No such thing as static html on bubble.

@Kayami what i meant was - can Bubble generate standalone static HTML pages? I mean these are just text files? Then these HTML files are served to users (totally nothing to do with Bubble app anymore).

Do you want to build a page builder something like webflow.

@Priyanshu-Goyal Haha yes a page builder but on a smaller scale. So on the backend page builder, it’s all bubble. But on hitting the publish button, the app should generate static HTML webpages (so it’s faster).

Do you think it can be done?

You could build an html generator, but that would never make your bubble pages load faster probably.

Bubble pages are never static html alone. It’s always a mix of dynamic content.

@jayy if i understand correctly you want to build a website builder on bubble, where your user builds a site and they can export a zip with the static website.

As far as I know there are no tools in bubble to take something like a page and turn it into an HTML file with all the needed css to display it somewhere else.


@Kayami thanks!!

They issue is bubble renders most of the pages using JS.

@jayy i have multiple solutions for you in terms of ways to do this, I have 3 page builders and a couple email builders of my own.


Thanks. What’s the easiest way?

It doesn’t sound like it’s easy to create a page builder in Bubble.

It’s not hard it’s just not done pure bubble. if I explained this via message it would be a book.

Best route to go would likely be a zoom consultation.

Their are a few solutions depending on your goal. Personally I have an AI website/funnel builder with full SEO, drag and drop, stores, automations, A/B split testing, upsell and down sell, and much more. Built partially in bubble.

A drag and drop email builder (public plug-in)

A column free web builder

And a few others

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Wow you’re good :+1:t3:

I’m just exploring ideas for now, nothing concrete.

Basically my goal is to create a funnel builder like what you have done. A scaled down version of ClickFunnels. It’s a long-term goal for me.

I’m just not sure if I should do it in Bubble (I only have 3 months’ experience but I’ve built a small app), or I should go learn some programming language instead. (My degree was in CS, but I’ve not done coding in 10+ years.)

Sounds like Bubble cannot completely do it, and you needed workarounds? Then would you advise me to do it in code instead of in Bubble? Especially since my goal is more long term. Thanks Chris!

It depends on the complexity of the builder. I’d likely recommend doing a builder custom however it can be done with bubble and in my opinion making the builder custom yet running the dashboard through bubble connected via api and live funnels on your own server has many benefits.

Personally if I were you I’d learn grapeJS documentation like the back of your hand and use that to save time.

However if you’re looking at doing fully custom

I’d look into mjml framework, although made for email it’ll expedite a lot of your work.

Interact.js is another good framework.

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@chris.williamson1996 thanks so much. you’re awesome. i’ll look into all these!